In Memory of

Snoquestor's Diana

or otherwise fondly known as

Teddy Lynn Ruxpin

May 1995 - March 10, 2010
We sent Teddy to find Cassie, Boomer, and our other pets at the Bridge after she refused all of our attempts to feed her for the last week or so.

It is our hope that she is chasing butterflies there as we speak, which was always one of her favorite activities.
This picture has ended up being my favorite one of Teddy. It was a typical pose for her while she was waiting for "herms Bethy" to come home.

I told her all the time that I was a mere human and did not deserve such devotion. She, however, never took that to heart.

Rest in peace dear girl.

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Thank you to Brewer Animal Hospital for your care of Teddy.