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A friend just gave me a copy of Notes From Rainbow Bridge.  It is wonderful.

(Carolyn B - St. Louis)
I got your books made your first sale. I have purchased a book to use as a demo and read it all the way through. I cried almost all the way through and should have known by the title that I would cry.  It was very well written!  There is a funeral home here that does pet funerals. I am going to ask if they would be interested in selling your book.

(Becky H. - Indiana, who is helping sell the books at a pet expo)
I haven't read a book all the way through in thirty years.  I read about half of it the first day and hurried through my chores the second day so I could get back to it. You did a great job!

(Dan S. - Illinois)
When I got the book, I just glanced through it, thinking I'd come back to it later.  The next thing I knew, I had finished reading it!  Congratulations to you on a job well done!

(Jon S. - Ohio)
I love the book - it's sweet and charming and funny!

(Mike S. - Colorado)
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Yes, I read the book and laughed and cried. I'll scan a picture of my dog and send it to you for the memorials page.

(Vicki W. - Illinois)
Enjoyed the book - it's obvious you've had wonderful relationships with your pooches!

(Chris S. - Illinois)
My friend Sue (whose son Matt the book is dedicated to) sent me this from a friend of hers. It is a direct quote:

"Sue and Family--The concept of this book is awesome!  I've now decided my mom is also at Rainbow Bridge along with her one million pets! She was always rescuing something!  We'll always think of Matt and your family, as I hope to keep this book in our family.


I first learned about “The Rainbow Bridge” in 1998 when our beloved Bailey passed away and a dear friend sent me a copy of the poem.  Although I cried when I first read it, the poem gave me hope that, one day, Bailey and I would be together again.  Over the years, I have shared this poem with others who have lost animal companions and turned to it myself when our both of our two cats recently crossed the bridge just months apart from each other.

I have now had the pleasure of reading “Notes From Rainbow Bridge” by Beth Szillagyi.  This book brings The Rainbow Bridge even more to life as Chloe, the Samoyed, tells her own story and the stories of others who have crossed the bridge.  I felt the love shared by the animals and their human companions…I felt uplifted to read that someone else believes that our animals sometimes come back to us; and although not all the animals’ tales are wonderful, just as in real life, the book gives one hope that those abused are rewarded when they reach the bridge and are so forgiving that they will sometimes be willing to give us humans another chance.

Whether the Rainbow Bridge is a real place or just a place that exists in our minds and hearts, “Notes from Rainbow Bridge” is a must read for all animal lovers!  Four paws up to Chloe and Beth!

Deb Merlin, author of A Different Kind of Family

I have been meaning to let you know how much I enjoyed your book, brought
me into tears from time to time, and smiles. It was so delightful, thanks
for publishing it. I have given two as gifts and I will keep the other one.

Barb M. - Samoyed breeder
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