Rainbow Bridge Memorials
I am honored beyond words that the first memorial on this page is for Jacob Palmatier who was killed in action in Iraq February 24, 2005. Jacob was a lover of all animals, and his special pet is Moosey. They are now at the Bridge together.
Special thanks to Margie and David Palmatier for allowing me to place their son's pictures on this web page.
My high school friend, Mary B., found Noodle at work one day. She took the dog home with every intention of finding it a place to live, not realizing that that had already happened.

Noodle went to Rainbow Bridge May 31, 2007.
Missy (aka CH Christmas Spirit Mistletoe CGC, TDI, NJP)

5/11/94 to 10/25/04

Missy was Diane G's "soul mate" for ten years, completely attuned to Diane's every mood.

Although Missy was judged to be borderline dysplastic, you would never know it according to Diane. Missy was her lead sled dog and loved agility training.  While attending agility classes one day, Diane sprained her ankle, and Missy would not continue on with her obstacle jumping because she was concerned about her human, even though Diane urged her to go on.

While riding in the truck together, Missy would put her head on Diane's shoulder and look up at her adoringly.

Missy collapsed two days after getting her Jumper's title in agility and was diagnosed with severe Lyme's disease. Diane sent her to the Bridge October 25, 2004.
If you have an angel (human or otherwise) waiting at Rainbow Bridge and would allow me to put a picture of him or her on this page, please email me.
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Batman was rescued in Taiwan along with 18 other dogs and came to live in California with Victoria B. in 2000.  He was approximately twelve years old, and although he was crippled, had rotten teeth and heartworm when he arrived, he had the spirit of a lion.  He held Victoria in the palm of his paw for seven years before he went to the Bridge May 22, 2007.
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